These days, getting away from it all isn’t a luxury.  It’s a necessity.  And there’s not a boat on earth that gives you more freedom to seek out your happy place than Sea-Doo® watercraft.  Whether that means a relaxing tour of untouched territory, a day of towing your kids and their friends around, or pushing the limits on the industry’s most powerful watercraft.

Every thrust of the throttle is an adventure when you ride the world’s number one personal watercraft.  Here’s to that world being two-thirds water.

Sea-Doo -  GTX Watercraft

Put more leisure in your leisure time. The stylish, luxurious GTX model gives you a feeling of arrival even before you reach your destination. And some days, you may not even bother. What with the smooth, efficient 155 hp Rotax 4-TEC engine. And convenient and ergonomic features that make this newly-styled PWC the leader in its class.

Sea-Doo - GTI 4 Tec Watercraft

Family fun redefined. Where you’ll go and what you’ll do on the GTI 4-TEC will have you spending more time on water than land. That’s because our recreational models may have an entry, but you can bet we didn’t skimp on features. Power? Check. Safety? Check. Versatility? Check. Fun? Double check. No wonder it was named Watercraft of the Year in 2006.

Sea-Doo – RXT Watercraft

Adrenaline junkies unite. You’ve got friends who share your addiction. Or maybe your family is just a little tweaked for speed. Good thing you can fit 3 people on the most powerful 3-seater in the industry and 2-time winner of the World Offshore Endurance Championships. The 215 hp RXT model. Acceleration beyond compare. Incredibly aggressive and stable handling. And when you’ve gone so hard your arms are jelly, it’s nice to know the RXT can offer a leisurely cruise back to shore.

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